Herbert Grassmann

Dr. Herbert Grassmann   (Germany)

Website: www.skt-institut.de

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As the current Chair of the EABP Science & Research Committee, the research focus from Dr. Herbert Grassmann is on: development and evaluation of interpersonal neurobiology models and bridging the gap between attachment and dissociation theories in the field of somatically focused model of trauma therapy.


Currently, he is participating in a trauma-research study with the Kinsey Institute's Traumatic Stress Research Consortium to document the consequences of trauma on health, sexuality, and psychosocial processes

2020 Guest Professor Maltepe University Istanbul

2018 Faculty member of the international graduate academy, the Parkmore Institute. As a Professor of Psychosocial Studies and Bodymind Healing, he is working with Doctoral Candidates interested in research or practice in the field of clinical trauma therapy

2018 Chair of the EABP Research Symposium. Berlin, Germany

2018 Vancouver/USA: Presentation at the IASI Symposium

2016 Chair of the EABP Research Symposium. Athens, Greece

2015 IASI Board Member

2014 Chair of the EABP Research Symposium. Lisbon, Portugal

2014 BetaGenese Klinik Bonn : Presentation about SomaticMemory

2013 Universität Marburg: Presentation at the DGK Congress: Memory Works - Wenn Erinnerungen zur Bedrohung werden.

2012 Congress Committee Memb. 13th International EABP Congress in Body Psychotherapy, Cambridge, UK 

2011 EABP Board Member and Chair of the Scientific Research Committee2010 in Dresden: Dresdener Körperbild-Tagung: „Memorywork  Zeit spielt keine Rolle“ an der Poliklinik für Psychotherapie und Psychosomatik in Dresden

2010 in Vienna/Austria: Presentation at the EABP Congress about combining Traumatherapy and Structural Integration

2010 in Denver/USA: Presentation at the IASI Sympos. The Healing Power of Mindfulness. New explorations into creating mindfulness during the SI process 

2008 in Paris/France an der Universität Sorbonne: Presentation at the EABP Congress TraumaSomatics -Reorganisation of the Memorysystem

2007 in Berlin:  Presentation at the DGK Kongress. Die Sensorimotorische Integration des Nervensystems

Psicoterapeuta Corporal, Director de la European Association of Somatic Traumatherapy -EAST- (Asociación Europea de Traumaterapia Somática). Director Investigador del Comité Científico de la Asociación Europea de Psicoterapia Corporal -EABP-. Director Ejecutivo del Institut for Structural Core Therapy (SKT) - Instituto para la Terapia Estructural Central y fundador de SKT - Strukturelle Körpertherapie® y de Somatic Memory. Hacia finales de los 80 y comienzos de los 90 se entrenó en Integración Estructural. Certificado como Hakomi Practitioner. Se formó con Pat Ogden y Peter Levine en Terapia para el Trauma. Autor de varios artículos y del libro: Zwei im Einklang, Kreutz-Verlag. Facilitador y presentador líder mundia.