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A Pilot Study of Body-Oriented Group Psychotherapy

Adapting Sensorimotor Psychotherapy for the Group Treatment of Trauma

Research suggests that trauma has a profound effect on the body by disrupting normal physiologic responses leading to a broad range of trauma-related symptoms. In this paper, we describe a stage-one trauma group based on the clinical rationale and techniques of Pat Ogden’s (2006) sensorimotor psychotherapy (SP).

A Pilot Study of Body-Oriented Group Psychotherapy
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Mindfulness- and acceptance-based conceptualizations of PTSD implicate experiential avoidance and non-mindful behavior in the etiology and maintenance of the disorder.

Conceptualizing Mindfulness and Acceptance as Components of Psychological Resilience to Trauma
Rachel W. Thompson, Diane B. Arnkoff, and Carol R. Glass
Thompson et al 2011 trauma and resilienc
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Equine Facilitated Therapy

Equine Facilitated Therapy is a healing treatment that combines credentialed mental health professionals and one or more therapeutic horses. Through grooming the horse or other beneficial activities, clients are supported and guided in learning more about themselves, working through difficulties, and improving communication and relationship skills.

Treatment for Complex Trauma in Youth
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